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Utile Network is a unified digital workplace for cryptocurrency community - combining analytical and operational tools for investors and influencers in blockchain sector.

Founder system

What is founder system

Founders will play a key role in the Utile Network ecosystem. For one, they will provide transparency, education and will oversee the work of other platform contributors. Moreover, founders will be able to add their own publications to the platform, as well as share and exchange information on various topics, which will allow users to become more knowledgeable about blockchain technology and make better and more informed decisions. The platform will be continuously developed by users and founders.

It is important to note that founders will be considered trusted advisors for the community. Initially, they will be monitored by the community, who will evaluate the quality of the information being published in order to ensure positive results in the development of the platform.

Who can become a founder

We will choose ten founding members by analyzing applications sent in by users. Influencers, experts, blockchain enthusiasts, speculators, people backed by communities from all over the world will have the chance to be a part of it.

Role of founding member

  • Introducing communities to the idea of blockchain and cryptocurrency assets
  • Educating investors
  • Analyzing the market
  • Providing transparent, high quality informations
  • Providing investing opportunities
  • Enhanced protection for investors - possibility to diminish and neutralize potentially harming data published on platform

Rewarding the founders

With many responsibilities and contribution to the platform, founders will be gifted with Utile token from the designated token pool, without excluding the possibility to get rewarded from upvoting protocol as well as will sharehold up to 40% of revenue generated by advertisement on the platform.

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Founder System

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Our Platform


Utile Network is an infrastructure that allows you to crowdsource blockchain ecosystem data in a transparent environment. It allows to receive rewards for generating, adding, monitoring and detecting valuable information.

It is a platform, which main aim is to build a community sharing information and working together for its own and overall success. The platform provides unmatched tools for expertise and trade to maximize profits from asset trading. This is a great way to compensate for or fill the gaps. This platform is primarily a revolutionary management of investments and strategies through the creation of infrastructure that rewards associates

Evaluated crowdsourced blockchain ecosystem informations

Users post suggestions and share ideas, news, and information related to blockchain technology, knowledge gathered on the platform can be evaluated by a wide range of people allowing for better estimation of how reliable the data is

Utile Official
Educational Section

In order to create a safe educational environment, we are creating an educational section in which we will officially approve content, a section that will teach about blockchain technology. Going beyond the collection of knowledge on the platform published by users.

Reward protocol

It's a mechanism which allows to receive Utile Tokens, users can evaluate publications and generate reward for posting quality content


These are a set of people that monitor the progress of the Utile platform, trusted advisors of the community who will provide continuous development as well as add wisdom for investors


Transparency will help creators to build a reputation, since their publications will be validated by price action, publicly available to others. Moreover, various statistics regarding profit, drawdown, risk/reward and overall account growth will be made public.

Helping desk

Personalised tool to troubleshoot individual problems of platform users. Helping desk is a structure which will allow members to ask a question and set the value of the reward for solving the problem in advance

Buyback sessions

By utilizing revenue generated from the advertisement on our platform we will perform systematic buyback sessions of UTL tokens from exchanges.

Promotional Tools

Implemented promotional tools which allow creators to promote their work and advertise their business or brand to further authenticate their knowledge

Token function

How it actually works

A reward for contribution on platform

Publication in the form of market analysis, researched information, presentation, speculation or any creation about the blockchain related topic will be rated by community members and as a result of the evaluation protocol will be eligible for UTL tokens reward

Reward for founders

Utile Token will be used as an assurance for platform content development by rewarding the founding members

Means of payment

Token will be used as the payment medium - all activities on the platform will be carried out by using UTL Token

Token sale

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Hard cap1.500.000 $
StartMarchQ1 2021
Minimum0.5 BNB

Budget allocation

Data in %

Rewarding platform users

Utile Network will reward its active users for creating content on the platform by Utile token. Rewards will be automatically distributed to the private profile wallet which will be situated in the fund's tab.

How reward protocol works

Publication in the form of market analysis, researched information, presentation, speculation or any creation about the blockchain related topic will be rated by community members and as a result of evaluation protocol will be eligible for UTL tokens reward.

Trading ideas will additionally be rewarded with bonus tokens dependant on the return of investment. The platform will determine the current profit based on provided previously information, combined with the actual fluctuation of the asset at its lowest point. The user will be allowed to close bonus tokens at any time to collect the reward or wait until it expires automatically accordingly to time frame given in the form.

Amount of received tokens will depend on a number of factors:

  • Sum of points gathered through community evaluation
  • Profile Rank - depending on a number of frozen Utile Tokens you get bonuses
  • Profile Advancement of voters. The more valuable voters are, the more tokens you will get

Profile Ranks - Staking

Novice Member

freeze at least 25 000 Utile Tokens for 30 days and get additional 1% bonus from reward system

Advanced Member

freeze at least 50 000 Utile Tokens for 30 days and get additional 3% bonus from reward system

Supreme Member

freeze at least 100 000 Utile Tokens for 30 days and get additional 7% bonus from reward system

Master Member

freeze at least 200 000 Utile Tokens for 30 days and get additional 13% bonus from reward system

The user of Utile.Network platform has the option of freezing UTL tokens on his account, thanks to which he can increase his percentage profit, which depends on the number of collected tokens. The above-mentioned rank determines the percentage profit and time needed to secure the tokens.


Company journey


Q1 2019

Creation of an idea

The blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market are constantly evolving and expanding with new projects, it so happens that we have to search many websites, forums or other information sources to find data that will lead to our first or subsequent successful investments. The platform is structured to facilitate crowdsourcing of reliable information. Each user will have an insight into news, information, signals and market analysis in one place, to save time and create safe environment for investors and publishers.

Q1 2020

Construction of the platform(BETA)

Utile network platform as a tool for exchanging information, signals and communication between users. Adding the possibility of publishing information, creating individual accounts for users, launching a global and private chat.

in progress
in progress

Q2 2020

Launch of founder system application

To ensure the development of the Utile network platform, we have organized recruitment for a special group of users who will be a fundamental mechanism in its operation.

Q1 2021

Introduction of founding members

Revealing founders to the community, establishing the core feature of platform

in progress

Q1 2021

Token creation

Development of UTL token and its correlation with the platform


Q1 2021

Start of token presale

Q1 2021

Exchange listing

Market exchange listing of UTL TOKEN

coming soon
coming soon

Q2 2021

Enabling UTL reward protocol

First rewards emission for founders and users

coming soon

Q3 2021

Enabling personal help desk

Activation of the tool designated to solve individual problems of platform users.

coming soon

Q3 2021

Token Buyback

First buyback performed by utilizing revenue generated from advertisement on platform

Q4 2021

Advanced development of communication channels

coming soon
coming soon

Q4 2021

Adding the cataloging function of the publications

coming soon

Q1 2022

Enabling profile customization

Allowing users to customize their profiles on platform by exchanging utile tokens

Q2 2022

Utile Network 1.1 platform release

Addition of educational section
Invitation code generator for private communities
Upgrading promotional tools for creators

coming soon

Q4 2022

Platform integrated mobile app

Launch of platform mobile application

coming soon
coming soon

Q2 2023

Wallet release

Release of the official wallet used to store the UTL token


Meet our members

Jakub Bańczerowski

Co-Founder, CEO

Tomasz Fijałkowski

CTO - Blockchain Developer

Ricardo Araujo

Systems Engineer

Wesley Dias

System Analyst

Patryk Górnik

Front-end Developer

Janusz Janik

Algorithm Developer

Kaio Cordeiro

Community Manager


Any questions?

Tokens will be send after sale of token is ended.

Utile tokens are built on Binance Smart Chain.

Utile Token is imperative part of the project it is used within Utile Network platform for more than one purpose, you can read about it's functions above.

Utile Token is a tool to operate within the platform ecosystem. Utile Network is center of crowdsourced blockchain oriented data, it is a place that allows you to publicate results of market analysis and monetize on providing and detecting valuable knowledge as well as a tool to operate for blockchain technology influencers.

Utile Network platform is ready to operate in BETA version. Clik here to visit

All unsold tokens will be moved to reward pool and designated to work within platform.



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